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Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Center

Student Organizations

Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Incorporated (AN)

Officially founded February 27, 2008 on the campus of Washington State University, Alpha Nu respects and accepts every woman for who she is. In 2013 Alpha Nu became officially incorporated becoming Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. Together we work to help discourage stereotypes and allow for different ideas and experiences in the community.
Website: alpha nu

Asian Pacific American Student Coalition (APASC)

The mission of the Coalition is to provide support for all Asian Pacific students in the university environment while enhancing cultural diversity. The Coalition is a student organization with elected officers that sponsors social, cultural, and academic activities; provides student peer support and leadership training; and sponsors Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Meetings: Monday, 6:00 p.m. in CUE 119 (location may vary)

Association of Pacific and Asian Women (APAW)

Over the years, APAW has sought to bring multiculturalism to the WSU community and Pullman community. We seek to heighten the awareness of the unique and diverse cultures of Pacific and Asian women. We thrive to explore and address issues concerning Pacific and Asian women, and all students. We sponsor many projects, and we have succeeded in bringing our own sense of pride to our heritage, culture, and individualism. APAW is an organization that believes in equal opportunity for women.



Chi Delta Sigma Sorority Incorporated (ΧΔΣ)

Chi Delta Sigma sorority is a multicultural, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) based, Greek organization. Our sisterhood was founded on February 8, 2007 and is the first and only AAPI interest sorority at Washington State University (Pullman Campus). As a sorority, we seek to promote awareness of AAPI experiences, our philanthropies (Alzheimer's Disease & Breast Cancer), and issues that women confront while developing a better understanding of what it is to be women. We are also dedicated to provide a strong sisterhood amongst all women, empower them as leaders, and support their academic aspirations. 

Website: cds


Chi Sigma Alpha National Sorority Incorporated (XΣA)

Chi Sigma Alpha (ΧΣΑ) is an Asian-interest (not Asian-exclusive) sorority established at the University of Washington on September 25, 2002. We uphold the ideals of character, academics, and community service. The sisters of Chi Sigma Alpha are passionate, dedicated young women from diverse backgrounds who strive to develop and strengthen their skills in academics, leadership, and service through the unbreakable bond of sisterhood.



Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

The Filipino American Student Association of Washington State University seeks to educate the university community about Filipino cultures and the contributions of Filipino Americans. The objective of the organization is to represent the issues of all Filipino students and to provide a network of support for those students. Though exclusive in name gearing toward Filipinos our organization is not exclusive in membership. Many of our members are of non-Filipino decent and also serve as officers. Through education, service, and social activities, a space is created where individuals can find their own culture and discover themselves.

 Meetings: Tuesday, 6 p.m. (location may vary)



Hui Hau'oli O' Hawai'i (Hawaii Club)

Hui Hau’oli O Hawai’i club is a club that strives to make a difference in the community by spreading knowledge of the Hawaiian culture. Our mission is to provide programs that give academic and social support to student members, as well as provide a home for everyone that seeks one. Hui Hau’oli O’ Hawai’i sponsors various activities and events to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. Students from Hawaii are strongly encouraged to join, but the invite is not limited. We welcome everyone who has an interest in learning about our culture.

Meetings: Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. (location may vary)



Khmer Student Association (KhSA)

The purpose of KhSA is to promote, educate and offer support of and for the Cambodian American community at Washington State University. Events will be held to celebrate and educate about our heritage, as well as foster a sense of community for Cambodian American students who are studying far from family and hometowns 



Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc. (ΛΦΕ)

Lambda Phi Epsilon was founded on February 25, 1981 by a group of nineteen dedicated men led by principal founder Mr. Craig Ishigo. The goal of the founders was to transcend the limitations faced by traditional Asian American interest organizations on campus. While these organizations were often split along lines of national origins, the founders sought an establishment that drew its membership equally from the different segments of the Asian American community. Their vision was that the members would eventually become the leaders of their respective ethnic communities, and thus, bridge the gaps fragmenting the Asian American community through their affiliation with a common organization

Website: Wazzu Lambdas

Pacific Islanders Club (PIC)

The purpose of our club is to address issues concerning those of Pacific Island backgrounds, educate people about our cultures and traditions, as well as recruit, retain, and graduate our fellow Pacific Islanders. ​ We strive to welcome new PI students to WSU and provide a forum where they can openly express their thoughts while offering them moral support and peer guidance. Although we are primarily comprised of students from the Pacific Islands, we encourage everyone to participate. We welcome all students, staff, faculty, and members of the Pullman community to join us and learn about our beautiful cultures represented here at Washington State University.

Meetings: Thursday at 6:00 p.m. in CUE 319 (locations may vary)


Mitamitaga O Samoa (MOS)

We are Mitamitaga O Samoa, meaning the Pride of Samoa. Our organization was founded on January 25, 2012 by 12 founding members that had visions to expand the Samoan culture from the seas of the South Pacific to the wheat hills of the Palouse. We are the children of Samoa and we believe that upholding our ways of life is of the utmost importance. To help us maintain our Fa'a Samoan way of life, we will educate and demonstrate how we as Samoans can navigate our way to find our Vasa, our sacred space here at WSU.


Meetings: Wednesdays at 5:00pm in SPARK 333



Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity (ΣΛΒ)

Sigma Lambda Beta (ΣΛΒ) (known as Lambda Betas) is the largest historically Latino based fraternity in the United States, established with multicultural membership. Founded in 1986 at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. The primary purpose of Sigma Lambda Beta is to promote Latino culture based upon the values of fairness, opportunity and equality. The four key principles that serve as pillars to this purpose are Brotherhood, Scholarship, Community Service, and Cultural Awareness.



Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

We, the Vietnamese Students Association strive to be the most passionate organization in raising interest and awareness of Vietnamese culture towards the student population at Washington State University as well as the surrounding community in Pullman, WA, through cultural events and activities of various scales. In addition, we aim to foster a kindred spirit amongst students who are inclined to expand their interpersonal network, both academically and socially.

Meetings: Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in CUE 419 (location can vary)